11 Facts about Argentina's debt restructuring case:

1.       Argentina has never repudiated its debt.

2.       Over the past 10 years Argentina’s Government has negotiated with its creditors, honored its commitments, and reduced its debt.

3.       Argentina is committed to honoring its debts. Argentina is not in default and will not default on its debts.

4.       Thousands of US creditors are affected. Vulture funds representing 1% of Argentina´s bondholders are blocking payments to 92.4%.

5.       The international community overwhelmingly supports Argentina´s position.

6.       The ruling is of impossible compliance.

7.       Economic logic was turned upside-down.

8.       Argentina has a reasonable and fair offer on the table that would give litigants a 300% profit.

9.       Vulture funds abuse legal systems, harass sovereigns and damage the international financial system.

10.   The ruling is at odds with Argentina´s sovereignty and the US Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

11.   The Argentine Congress has enacted a law to guarantee debt service and provide holdout creditors a new opportunity to join 92.4% of bondholders.