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Malcorra on Obama's visit: Argentina is returning to the international stage

Press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affais and Worship 

“Barack Obama's visit is irrefutable proof of what we have been saying: Argentina is returning to  the international stage, as it maintains and creates bonds with all our partners and potential associates”, said Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra after the White House announced a visit by the US President to our country on March 23rd.
The head of the Foreign Ministry said this trip “is very important, as was the visit by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and another important visit, that of the President of France, François Hollande, who arrives in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, February 24th.
 “In the first conversation held between the two heads of state, President Obama told President Mauricio Macri that he looked forward to visiting him soon,” said Malcorra, adding “The fact that President Obama decided to come to Argentina in the first quarter of 2016 clearly indicates the interest and priority given by the United States to our country, as well as the importance of our relations.”
“The agenda is broad,” said Malcorra, referring to the bilateral relations topics between Argentina and the US, adding “We will establish priorities to ensure we do try to overreach and lose focus. That is what we will be doing in coming weeks”.
"As regards the specific issues, of course investment and trade are vital topics, as is everything related to opportunities in the areas of most interest to us, such as  renewable energy, agro-industry and tourism, as well as research and development” she stated.
According to the press release issued by the White House, Obama will arrive in our country after visiting Cuba. Regarding the US President’s visit to the island, Malcorra said it was “a natural step following the decisions taken by both countries last year. It is very auspicious, an historic event.”

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