Ciudadanos de países no exentos de visado turístico, participantes de programas de intercambio cultural, programas de intercambio estudiantil, o pasantías, independientemente de su ciudadanía (exceptuando a los ciudadanos de los países del MERCOSUR)



Prior to submitting the visa application to the Consulate, the school/educational institution in Argentina must seek approval from the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM). Whenever DNM makes a decision, it will inform the Consulate directly.

The Consulate cannot provide assistance in this process other than confirming whether the immigration’s clearance has arrived. Applicants should follow up with the school.

Once entry clearance is received, the aplplicant should submitt to the Consular Section the following documents:



Copy of valid passport: must be valid for the length of studies. ORIGINAL must be submitted on the day of the interview.

. A filled-in application form. All questions must be answered.
. 2 recent passport style photographs.
. A clear criminal record certificate from each country/city the applicant has lived in during the last 3 years (not required for applicants under 16 years old; other exceptions may apply) (*).
. Parental consent to travel and to live in Argentina and appointing a legal guardian there (for applicants who are minors in their country of origin only): must be signed by both parents and have the apostille legalization. Download form
. Birth certificate (for applicants enrolled in a course of studies aiming at obtaining a high school or a university degree only): it must include the parents names.Only certificates issued by a governmental authority are acceptable (*).
. Evidence of funds to cover all expenses while in Argentina (e.g. bank statement).
  Proof of acommodation arrangements. 
B) Interview: Once all documents are received by the Consular Office, an interview will be scheduled.
In accordance with relevant law of the Argentine Republic, the Consul is entitled to refuse the visa.
C) Fee: A US$ 150 fee is charged upfront. Fee should be paid by money order.

IMPORTANT: You are advised to submitt all documents at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed date of departure in orde to avoid inconveniences

(*) Criminal record certificates, parental consent and birth certificate must be authenticated with the Hague Legalization Convention “Apostille”. Should the country where documents originate not follow the Hague Convention, the applicant will have to send the documents to the Argentine consulate in that country for authentication. The contact information of all Argentine consulates in the world is available through the Argentine Foreign Ministry’s website at (click on “Representaciones Argentinas”).

All documents must be translated into Spanish by a translator or translation agency, and validated by a "Certification of Accuracy".

Important: The above information is for orientative purposes only. Requirements vary according to the applicant’s citizenship, length of studies and nature of the course.

OFFICE HOURS: 08:00AM - 01:00PM
+1 202 238 6401