Visas para Residentes - Reunificación Familiar

For spouses and children of Argentine nationals or permanent residents


Where to apply: You must apply at the Argentine consulate or consular section in your place of residence. Therefore, you may apply at our offices if your place of residence is in the states of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.(Other Argentine consulates in the United States)

A)  Documents to be submitted to the Consular Office (can be sent by mail or submitted in person)

DNI of the Argentine spouse/mother/father.

. A filled-in application form: all questions must be answered. DOWNLOAD VISA APPLICATION FORM (.PDF)
  Copy of valid Passport.  Original must be submitted when coming for the interview. Applicant’s passport: must be valid for 1 year from the intended date of entry and have at least one completely free page left for the visa.
5 recent passport style photographs
Birth certificate (authenticated by the “Apostille” or Legalized by an Argentine Consulate and translated into Spanish): it must include the name of the applicant’s parents (ask for “long form when applying for the birth certificate). Only certificates issued by a governmental authority are acceptable.
Marriage certificate: (if applicable- authenticated by the “Apostille” or Legalized by an Argentine Consulate and translated into Spanish). Only certificates issued by a governmental authority are acceptable.

Police records: (applicants who are 16 years of age or older only) issued by the local police department certifying that you have no arrests or convictions. If you lived in more than one town or city during the last three years, you must present an FBI record written on official letterhead paper, authenticated by the “Apostille”.


B)  Interview: When all these documents are received by the Consular Office, an interview will be scheduled. 

C) “Entry Permit” fee: Before appearing for the interview, the applicant should pay the “Entry Permit” fee (US$ 600; $300 for holders of passports of Mercosur Member countries). The fee can only be paid online following this link

Please, print the receipt and submit it when appearing for the interview.

D) When you appear for the interview, you will have to sign an international criminal records affidavit: (applicants who are 16 years of age or older only)

Parental consent letter (children who are 18 years of age or younger only): must be filled in and signed by both parents at the Consular Office.

E) Fee: If the visa is approved, a US$ 250 fee will be charged (us$ 150 for the visa and us$ 100 for the documents processed to be sent to Argentina). Fee shall be paid by money order (please, write 2 separate money orders).

F) Visa will be issued upon presentation of the money order.

IMPORTANT: Authentication and translation of documents
Birth and marriage certificates and police records must be authenticated by the “Apostille”. Where can I get the Hague Legalization Convention “Apostille” certificate on a document?

Should the country where documents originate not follow the Hague Legalization Convention, you will have to send the documents to the Argentine consulate in that country where they were issued for authentication. The contact information of all Argentine consulates in the world is available through the Argentine Foreign Ministry’s webpage ( - click on “Representaciones argentinas”).

The mentioned documents must also be translated into Spanish by a recognized translator or translation agency, and be accompanied by a “certification of accuracy” (a signed statement by the translator that the attached translation into Spanish is true and correct). No authentication of translations by a notary public or the “Apostille” is needed. All documents and translations must be original (no photocopies or faxes will be accepted).

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